High Quality Agricultural, Landscaping, and Highway Products Using Specialty Minerals Ground Calcium Carbonates

Calcium carbonate and dolomite are suited to a wide variety of agricultural applications, including pH control, fertilizer conditioners and fillers, and animal feed formulations. Landscape and recreation uses include decorative stone for landscaping, golf course applications, and athletic-field line marking.

Agricultural requirements for crop production target specific pH ranges for soil to optimize production, reduce blossom end rot on tomatoes, and facilitate development of mushroom spawns. Soil-application products can be designed for field spreading or can be pulverized for drip irrigation use. 

Calcium carbonate also is important in animal nutrition. Calcium supplements for cattle and other livestock play a key role in bone growth and strength as well as in general animal health. Poultry require grit in the gizzard to assist with digestion and strengthen shells for proper egg production. Calcium carbonate is also used in animal nutritional supplements.

Chemical purity, brightness, and consistency play a major role in the end value for the application. Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) is well positioned to supply you with our standard products or work with you to develop new products tailored for your applications.

Specialty Minerals Products for Agricultural Applications

SMI supplies crushed, screened, ground and pulverized limestone and dolomite products from our quarries in Adams, Massachusetts; Canaan, Connecticut; and Lucerne Valley, California.
  • SMI Eastern Limestone – high brightness GCC also called ground limestone, manufactured in sizes ranging from 1” decorative stone down to powder for water irrigation applications.  Adams, Massachusetts is the location of the mine and plant.

  • SMI Eastern Dolomite – ground and screened dolomite (calcium magnesium carbonate) from 4 mesh to 325 mesh from a mine and plant in Canaan, Connecticut.

  • SMI Western Limestone – high-brightness GCCs, from 1” decorative stone to powder for water irrigation applications. Lucerne Valley, California is the site of the mine and plant.