Analytical Services Group - Capabilities​

​The capabilities of the Analytical Services Group (ASG) are categorized into the five major areas listed below. Within each area, the specific analysis method is listed and linked to a file describing the details including a brief description,  size and type of sample needed, typical turnaround time, accuracy statements, and the contact person. As needed, multiple areas are used to fully characterize a sample or solve a problem.

Inorganic Chemical Analysis

X-ray Fluorescence


Classical Procedures

Organic Analysis


Low Temperature Carbon Determinator 

Speck and Spot Tests

Thermal Analysis

Simultaneous TGA-DTA

Simultaneous TGA-DSC 

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrimetry

X-ray Diffraction Analysis

Mineral Phase Identification


Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Light Optical Microscopy

Polarized Light Microscopy​