We offer a full portfolio of premium, customizable cat litter formulations.

premium cat litter formulations

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Premium Quality, Customizable Cat Litter Formulations

With over 30 years of experience, and 4 state-of-the art manufacturing facilities strategically situated across North America, we’re proud to be one of the world’s largest producers of clumping cat litter.


Scoopable cat litter

Key Product Features

Made with premium quality, all natural, sodium bentonite clay sourced from Wyoming, USA, our scoopable cat litter is available in a variety of customizable formulations scientifically proven to eliminate even the toughest of litter box odours.

Hard Clumps, Easy CleanUp.

Maximum clumping power for quick and easy waste removal.

odour control.

We offer a variety of moisture-activated fragrances and powerful, odour-fighting additives to help say goodbye to litter box odours.


Breathe easy with our ultra-low dust and low-tracking formulations. No more dust clouds!

Scoopable cat litter

Custom packaging options

Resealable, RECYCLABLE plastic jugs

resealable, recyclable plastic pails

poly, laminated, and poly woven bags

resealable, laminated pouches with handles

Recylable, extra-durable corrugate boxes

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