Vertical Integration

From conception to completion we own the process, resulting in less mark up throughout each stage of production, resulting in cost savings for our partners.


Vertical Integration Means More Value

Vertical integration, from processing of raw materials to packaging, through design and manufacture, we have control of the supply chain, which contributes to significant cost reductions. This turnkey service results in the highest-quality products and service every time. Because we control every stage – from ingredients to packaging to shipping – standardized, stringent quality control requirements are in place across the board, resulting in the same, high-quality product every run.



Whether developed by our research and development team, or from fruition of one of our partners, we create and test each product at one of our on-site facilities.



We mine all of our own clay ensuring our partners never have to worry about supply. While mining the clay, we practice sustainable land management, leaving the land in better condition than when we started. Once the clay is removed from the ground, the original soils are reapplied, along with native seeding to create successful vegetation.



Throughout the world we have several manufacturing facilities to process minerals and polymers, and then manufacture to specific specifications set by our partners.



We have a team of experts developing the perfect solution for your container needs – from boxes, to tubes, to bags we have it all and know which type is best for your product merchandising and shelf life.



Distribution and internal logistics are handled 100% in-house, and in the United States our sister company Ameri-Co manages its own truck fleet.