Versatile rheology modifier that is white-washed in appearance, Polargel® is a selectively mined and specially processed smectite clay enhancing a broad range of formulations.


How It Benefits Your Product

Polargel® is an inorganic rheology modifier that provides excellent suspension, binding and stabilizer with fine body that improves formula aesthetics by:

  • Absorbing extra moisture to keep products from being watery
  • Thickening creams for a luxurious texture
  • Preventing powders from becoming cakey
  • Increasing makeup coverage

Common Applications
Specially processed to control purity and performance, Polargel® is available in two products to cover a wide-range of personal care, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

  • Polargel® NF - acne treatments, AHA and BHA creams, treatment shampoos, burn and bite creams, creams, lotions, eye makeup, liquid makeup, sunscreens
  • Polargel® HV - acne treatments, antacid suspensions, roll-on antiperspirants and deodorants, creams, lotions

The Science Behind Polargel®

A naturally-derived rheology modifier, Polargel® delays settling and imparts body in water-based formulations. This purified smectite clay is:

  • Selectively mined
  • High yielding
  • Insoluble in water and alcohol
  • Supplied as a white microfine powder

Polargel® HV has a higher viscosity grade for formulations that require a higher level of resistance to shear.