RESISTEX® Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Meeting the most demanding chemical compatibility requirements


2015 GeoMe award winner for "Best Geosynthetics Innovation and Technology"

RESISTEX® Geosynthetic Clay Liner is a polymer-modified bentonite GCL that is engineered to provide the highest level of chemical compatibility for hydraulic barrier performance in extremely aggressive leachate environments. 


Our RESISTEX family of GCLs offer compatibility with a wide range of pH, electrical conductivity, and ionic strengths that are common to mining liquids. CETCO recommends project-specific compatibility testing for the proper selection from the RESISTEX family of GCLs.


Applications include: bauxite residual storage; evaporation/retention basins; leach pads; capping.


    RESISTEX® Geosynthetic Clay Liner Features

    • Polymer enhanced engineered clay technology, effectively swells and seals in moderately aggressive leachate
    • More effective that standard bentonite for contaminated chemical environments
    • May be custom engineered to meet the project-specific needs
    • Available in standard BENTOMAT geotextile configurations


    • DN - reinforced: non-woven/non-woven
    • ST - reinforced: woven/non-woven
    • 200R - unreinforced: woven/non-woven
    Case Studies

    CETCO Mallorca Coal Ash Case Study

    Capping of Coal Ash Landfill
    Mallorca, Spain
    The CCB landfill at the Alcudia Thermal Plant in Mallorca was originally lined with bentonite-
    enhanced sand (BES) barrier and an HDPE geomembrane. Once the landfill cell
    was filled with waste the need for impermeable and durable capping solution emerged.