Adsorption Media for the Remediation of PFAS

CETCO® continues to lead the remediation industry in new product development with the introduction of FLUORO-SORB, an NSF-certified adsorption media for PFAS remediation.


Designed to globally support remediation efforts surrounding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), FLUORO-SORB is a proprietary surface-modified bentonite clay. Its versatility allows it to be used in a variety of treatment applications, as detailed in the image below, while reducing costs overall. Most importantly, FLUORO-SORB is not negatively impacted by mixed waste streams. 





    Mixed Waste Streams

    FLUORO-SORB is not impacted significantly by other contaminants that may be present.



    Diverse Applications

    FLUORO-SORB can be deployed as a flow through ex-situ treatment media, in a passive in-situ treatment (PRB), in REACTIVE CORE MAT® for sediment capping as well as a fixant in an ISS design mixture. As regulations define remedial targets for all media, FLUORO-SORB ensures that you are ready to go with a solution for all contaminated media.


    Reduced Overall Remediation Cost

    FLUORO-SORB provides an economical alternative to other available technologies. For ex-situ treatment, FLUORO-SORB will allow you to significantly reduce your send on carbon by reducing the number of change outs that are necessary, thereby reducing your disposal cost while allowing you to achieve your discharge parameters. If combined with in-situ treatment (ISS or PRB), it will allow you to shut down your Pump and Treat years earlier than you otherwise could, allowing you to realize more cost savings.


    Made in the USA

    CETCO has access to the largest bentonite reserves in the world, which are found in Wyoming. CETCO production and R&D teams are also located in the United States to provide you with local access to the industry’s experts.


    Featured Products

    FLUORO-SORB® is available in a variety of grain sizes to maximize efficiency on each project. Select from FLUORO-SORB 100, FLUORO-SORB 200, FLUORO-SORB 300 or FLUORO-SORB 400.