FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent   

Adsorption Media for the Remediation and Removal of PFAS

FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent is a proprietary, NSF-certified product designed to globally support remediation efforts surrounding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Unlike other sorbent products that are selective and unpredictable in adsorbing PFAS, FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent binds the entire spectrum of PFAS (including PFOA, PFOS, PFHxS and PFNA) efficiently and in a wide variety of removal and remediation processes. 


FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent has the added benefit of controlling the source of contamination, deploying easily as a flow through treatment media, as a passive in situ treatment (permeable reactive barrier or in situ stabilization and solidification - ISS), or used in a CETCO REACTIVE CORE MAT® composite geotextile mat.




    Mixed Waste Streams

    FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent resists competitive adsorption from other water and sediment contaminants. Because of its higher adsorption properties and higher density than other media, it requires fewer change outs, thereby resulting in a substantially reduced total cost of ownership.


    Diverse Applications


    FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent can serve as a pre- or post-treatment media in connection with other technologies including Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) or ion exchange resin (IER) water treatment trains. This compatibility and seamless integration maximizes the removal of PFAS contaminants while improving efficiency and extending the life of existing GAC systems. Additionally, when combined with in-situ treatment (ISS or PRB) of the PFAS source, FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent will significantly reduce the reliance on “pump and treat” alone for achieving hydraulic control of a contaminated site.


    Reduced Overall Remediation Cost

    FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent provides an economical alternative to other available technologies. For ex-situ treatment, FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent will allow you to significantly reduce your send on carbon by reducing the number of change outs that are necessary, thereby reducing your disposal cost while allowing you to achieve your discharge parameters. If combined with in-situ treatment (ISS or PRB), it will allow you to shut down your Pump and Treat years earlier than you otherwise could, allowing you to realize more cost savings.


    Made in the USA

    FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent is manufactured in the USA. It is NSF/ANSI 61 and ISO 9001:2015 certified. FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent is commercially available in four granule sizes. For more information or to obtain a sample for your laboratory treatability study, contact cetco@mineralstech.com.


    Featured Products

    Fluoro-Sorb Variations crop

    FLUORO-SORB® is available in a variety of grain sizes and blends to maximize efficiency on each project. Select from FLUORO-SORB 100, FLUORO-SORB 200, FLUORO-SORB 300 or FLUORO-SORB 400.


    Email cetco@mineralstech.com to obtain a sample for your laboratory treatability study.