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    Case Studies

    Activated carbon filled reactive mat chosen as low profile permeable capping remedy

    Activated carbon mat instrumental as part of overall remediation strategy

    Activated carbon mat utilized in subaqueous cap on major superfund site

    Active sediment cap included in clean-up strategy at high-profile superfund site

    Bulk reactive media utilized in sediment cap remedy for large-scale remediation project

    Capping of Coal Ash Landfill in Mallorca

    Capping of the Excavation Cut for a New High-Speed Railroad Line in Spain

    Capping of the High-Speed Railroad Embankment in Spain

    CETCO Gas Vapor Barrier Chosen as Solution for High-profile Casino Project

    CETCO gas vapor barrier chosen by risk assesors for mixed-use redevelopment

    CETCO Gas Vapor Barrier Chosen by Top Home Builder for Site with Former Oil Wells

    CETCO provides superior gas vapor mitigation protection at major retail chain

    CETCO Vapor Mitigation System Chosen as Protection for High-profile Sports Stadium

    CETCO Vapor Mitigation System Chosen as VOC Protection Barrier for School Campus

    CETCO VMS Chosen for Popular Restaurant Situated Near Former Dry Cleaner Site

    DNAPL stabilization using ORGANOCLAY at superfund site in Virigina

    EASY ROLLER™ deployment system puts installation back on schedule

    EVOH Vapor Mitigation System Used to Protect Against Residual VOC Contamination

    First Use of a GCL in a Copper Heap Leach Pad

    Former MGP Site Required a Sediment Treatment & Erosion Protection Solution

    Gabion mattress deployment at former manufactured gas plant site

    Gas Vapor Mitigation System Maintains Construction Schedule in Cold Weather

    Gas Vapor Mitigation System Utilizing EVOH technology as Solution to TCE Contamination

    GCL serves as cap in Brownfield remediation site

    GCL serves as cost-effective, time saving alternative to compacted clay liner in mine drainage settlement pond

    GCL serves as more stable component to compacted clay liner in critical areas of Gold Heap Leach Pad

    GCL used in raw water storage reservoir to restore Walleye habitat

    GCL used in stormwater pond helps maintain natural habitat for local cutthroat trout

    High-performance geomembrane with EVOH technology part of gas vapor mitigation solution

    In SITU stabilization of contaminated sediments at former pesticide facility

    Lining of the Border Checkpoint Embankment in Zosin, Poland

    Low-permeability liner solution for coal-ash by-products

    Massive amounts of material delivered to reclamation site in just one month and installed in extreme temperatures

    Mine tailings storage facility bottom liner system

    New York landfill value-engineered to meet difficult interface friction requirements & save money

    ORGANOCLAY Permable Reactive Barrier Utilized to Control NAPL Contamination

    ORGANOCLAY® MRM removes mercury from New Jersey construction site

    Organoclay-filled reactive core mat DNAPL remedial barrier proves succesful

    Organophilic clay reactive mat chosen as cap remedy for NAPL and PAHs

    Organophilic clay-filled reactive mat chosen as low profile permeable capping remedy

    Phosphate mine tailings storage cap and cover system

    Prominant developer chooses CETCO gas vapor barrier for chromium protection

    Prominant developer chooses CETCO gas vapor barrier for methane protection

    Proven protection against petroleum gas and water migration

    REACTIVE CORE MAT installed as NAPL control remedy at Vermont superfund site

    Reactive mat used in creosote sediment cap remedy at a Portland superfund site

    Remedial Strategy at superfund site calls for organophilic clay sediment cap

    Spray-applied barrier is proven methane mitigation solution on former gas station site

    Spray-applied barrier is proven vapor mitigation strategy for site with methane

    Spray-applied gas vapor barrier chosen as VOC protection on former superfund site

    Spray-applied gas vapor barrier solution for housing development on former landfill site

    Spray-applied methane barrier chosen as protection to homes built near oil derricks

    Strict quality assurance procedures ensure reliable vapor intrusion protection

    Superior VOC protection for project situated on former railroad site

    Underwater Canal Lining at Water-Power Plant in Dychów

    Unique geosynthetic clay liner system for uranium mill tailings disposal

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