GCL vs CCL Cost Comparison

Project Data

Type of Lining Project
Approximate Area to be Lined
Project Name
Company Name
Project Location
Zip Code
Tipping Fee of waste
  $ / Ton
Contact Email

CCL Project Data

Approximate Length of Haul for Clay   Miles
Unit Price of Clay   $ / yd³
Required thickness of CCL    ft
Unit Cost of Hauling Clay to Site   $/ton/mile
Compaction Factor 8   
Cost of Placing & Compacting Clay for CCL   $ / yd3

GCL Project Data

Product Name
Cost of GCL (Delivered)   $ / ft² Please contact your CETCO representative for most current pricing
Cost of Installing GCL   $ / ft²

Project Calculations 

Material Cost 1
(Shipping Included in GCL Cost)
Shipping Costs 5
Cost of Installation 2
Construction Q.C. Costs 4
Test Pad Construction 3
Loss of Revenue due to Loss of Airspace6
Gain in Revenue due to extra Airspace6
Total Cost of Liner Options7
(Excludes Airspace Cost)
Estimated Days of Construction8

1-7 See Sample Calculation sheet for detailed calculation analysis(click here).
8, Assumes 1 acre/day for GCL and 0.5 acres/day for CCL

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