AccoFloc® Flocculant Aid

Clay-Based Flocculant Aids

AccoFloc® flocculant aids are high-swelling sodium bentonite clays selected for their unique ion exchange capability found only in the Black Hills region of the western United States. When used in conjunction with polyelctrolytes or inorganic compounds, benefits include: 

  • Increased floc size and weight
  • Reduction in settle time
  • Improved suspended solids removal
  • Enhanced water clarity
  • Trace metals removal

High-activity sodium bentonite clay is used to reduce turbidity and total organic carbon (TOC) and remove trace metals from water or wastewater. AccoFloc flocculant aids are designed to meet the increasingly stringent water quality and discharge regulations required by municipalities.

Two Variations Offered

• AccoFloc 350 flocculant aid is a high-activity powdered sodium bentonite chosen especially for its flocculation characteristics.

• AccoFloc SDG flocculant aid is a high-activity granular sodium bentonite. It is manufactured as an agglomerated (uniform granular particles) product which allows it to immediately disperse when mixed with water. Since this product does not clump when added to water, it does not require specialized mixing equipment to create a slurry.