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CETCO is your single-source supplier. Our range of waterproofing products eliminate the need to specify materials from different manufacturers all while ensuring seamless integration of products and accessories. Accessories are engineered by CETCO for peak, system-wide performance.


We provide proven turnkey solutions.







A water-based latex adhesive used primarily to secure the SWELLTITE® waterproofing membrane in both vertical and horizontal applications. The product is VOC compliant and changes from a light gray to dark gray upon application. Waterproofing membrane is installed to adhesive after it turns to dark gray color. Available in 18.9 Liter (5-gallon) pails.



AD-100 is a 100mm (4in) diameter weldable PVC disc with embedded reinforcement collar. 

adhesive-sb-100-coreflash-waterproofing-membrane-accessory-cetcoADHESIVE SB-100
A solvent-based contact adhesive, designed for bonding COREFLASH membranes to approved horizontal and vertical substrates. Adhesive SB-100 is easy to apply by roller, brush or spraying and has high initial tack strength and excellent heat resistance. Adhesive SB-100 is packaged in 5 gallon (18.9 liter) pails.
A trowel-grade bentonite-based mastic that is used to detail at membrane terminations, around penetrations, over grouted concrete form-tie holes, and provide fillets to inside wall corners. Unlike most mastics, this premium mastic is capable of swelling and self-sealing upon hydration and is VOC compliant. BENTOSEAL can be covered with a waterproofing membrane immediately after application. 
cetseal-sealant-adhesive-waterproofing-accessory-cetcoCETSEAL SEALANT/ADHESIVE
A multi-purpose, single component polyether moisture cure sealant/adhesive. CETSEAL is a low VOC, 100% solids, non-shrinking product with excellent UV resistance. Available in 10.1 oz cartridges with 12 cartridges per case at 12 lbs (5.4 kg), or 20 oz foil packs with 12 per case at 20 lbs (9 kg).
A large diameter plastic injection hose with injection-port slits spaced down the entire length of the hose. Following the placement of structural concrete the CGT-50 functions as a channel for injecting and transporting the grouting material along predetermined areas within the concrete; such as the crown and arched walls of tunnels.


A 24 gallon (0.61 mm) stainless steel sheet laminated with a 20 mil (0.50 mm) thick UV stable thermoplastic coating integrally bonded to one side. The thermoplastic coating is compatible with COREFLEX® and COREFLASH membranes thus allows for thermoplastic welding to form a monolithic barrier. CORECLAD is also resistant to most forms of fungus, algae and micro-biological attack.

logo_Minerals Technologies CETCO_GREENCOREDISC
A nominal 100 mm (4 in.) round x 1.5 mm (60 mil) non-reinforced thermoplastic disc. COREDISCS are used for T-joint patches and to repair small punctures in the PVC membrane.


COREFLASH 60 is a nominal 60 mil (1.5 mm) thick reinforced thermoplastic flashing membrane with excellent tear and puncture resistance. Membrane is dual color with yellow thermoplastic top coat and black bottom coat. COREFLASH 60 is also resistant to most forms of fungus, algae and microbiological attack. Available in 54” x 50’ (1.4 m x 15.2 m) rolls.

logo_Minerals Technologies CETCO_GREEN
1.5 mm (60 mil) thick UV stable non-reinforced extruded white thermoplastic membrane used for detail and flashing applications including curbs, walls, field wraps and patches.


COREFLASH UV is a nominal 60 mil (1.5 mm) thick reinforced thermoplastic flashing membrane with excellent UV, tear, puncture and flame resistance. Membrane is dual color with white thermoplastic top coat and black bottom coat. COREFLASH UV is also resistant to most forms of fungus, algae and micro-biological attack.

A unique low permeable hydrophilic waterproofing product that utilizes an Active Polymer Core (APC) technology that is less permeable and more chemically resistant than traditional active waterproofing membranes.
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CORETEX SA13 is an adhesive backed version of CORETEX. CORETEX is a unique low permeable, hydrophilic waterproofing product that utilizes an Active Polymer Core (APC) technology that is less permeable and more chemically resistant than traditional active waterproofing membrane.

enviroprimer-sb-solvent-based-primer-envirosheet-waterproofing-accessory-cetcoENVIROPRIMER SB
A solvent-based primer designed to provide excellent adhesion of ENVIROSHEET waterproofing membranes to structural substrates.
enviroprimer-wb-water-based-primer-envirosheet-waterproofing-accessory-cetcoENVIROPRIMER WB
A water-based polymer emulsion primer designed to provide excellent adhesion of ENVIROSHEET waterproofing membranes to structural substrates.
logo_Minerals Technologies CETCO_GREENGEOTEX 1601
A polypropylene, staple fiber, needle-punched non-woven geotextile. The fibers are needled to form a stable network that retains dimensional stability relative to each other. The geotextile is resistant to ultraviolet degradation and to biological and chemical environments normally found in soils.
hydrobar-tubes-waterproofing-accessory-cetcoHYDROBAR® TUBES
Consisting of VOLCLAY granular bentonite encapsulated in a water-soluble film tube, HYDROBAR TUBES are a convenient means of providing extra waterproofing protection at the critical wall to footing intersection joint. Each tube is 50 mm (2") dia. x 600 mm (2 ft) long. Available in 16 tubes per box for 9.75 m (32 linear feet).
m-2000-liquid-flashing-waterproofing-accessory-cetcoM-2000 LIQUID FLASHING
A single-component, trowel-grade moisture cured polyurethane mastic, M-2000 LIQUID FLASHING is used with CETCO Waterproofing Systems to detail primarily at membrane terminations, around horizontal deck penetrations and transitions, over grouted concrete form-tie holes, and provide fillets to inside wall corners. Available in 18.9 Liter (5-gallon) pails.
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N-FLASH is a 1.5 mm (60-mil) thick, uncured neoprene material used as a heavy duty reinforcing layer and flashing for the STRATASEAL HR hot-applied rubberized asphalt membrane system. The flashing is extremely malleable allowing it to easily contour to irregular shapes, around penetrations, and corners. Its resiliency enables it to expand and contract without failing. It resists tearing, cracking, abrasion and thermal deterioration. 
Molded non-reinforced thermoplastic flashings, specially designed for round penetrations 50 mm (2”) or less in diameter.
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PF-340s are pre-fabricated factory welded thermoplastic pipe penetrations sleeves with an open cut side for simple installation around 75-100mm (3-4”) round penetrations.
rap-200-rubberized-asphalt-protection-sheet-waterproofing-accessory-cetcoRAP 200
A heavy duty 80-mil (2 mm) thick rubberized asphalt protection sheet sanded on both sides. RAP 200 is reinforced with tough non-woven synthetic fibers. The reinforced rubberized asphalt provides the membrane the ability to withstand wrinkling, buckling and fish mouths.
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RAP 350FR is heavy duty 150-mils (3.8 mm) thick, fire rated reinforced rubberized asphalt protection cap sheet with granulated top surface. RAP 350FR is reinforced with tough, non-woven synthetic fibers that provide fire resistance properties and membrane that withstands wrinkling, buckling and fish mouths.

seal-x-xp-trowel-grade-mastic-waterproofing-accessory-cetcoSEAL-X®  XP
A trowel-grade mastic designed for a variety of surface preparation and detailing work with CETCO active waterproofing membranes. Featuring XP Technology hydrophilic polymer, SEAL-X XP swells upon contact with water to form a watertight barrier in fresh to high-saline water conditions. With the consistency of thick grease, SEAL-X XP is easy to apply and bonds to most building materials. Available in 25kg (5 gallon) pails.
A single-sided tape consisting of an aggressive rubber-based adhesive with a durable polyethylene backing. Seamtape is primarily used to seal the overlap seams for both backfilled foundation walls and horizontal deck applications. Seamtape protects the overlap seams against debris intrusion during backfill and damage from rain prior to backfilling. Available in 3” (75 mm) x 50-Ft (15.2 m) rolls; 8 rolls per case.
stratabond-100-reinforcement-fabric-waterproofing-accessory-cetcoSTRATABOND 100 Reinforcement Fabric
A 1.5-oz/sq-yd high strength, spun bonded polyester fabric used as a reinforcing layer with STRATASEAL HR hot-applied rubberized asphalt membrane. STRATABOND 100 maintains its physical properties when wet and dimensionally stable over varying humidity levels and exhibits high resistance to splitting and cracking from thermal shock. 
strataprime-sb-bituminous-roof-primer-strataseal-hr-waterproofing-accessory-cetcoSTRATAPRIME SB
A solvent-based, low VOC bituminous roof primer for use with STRATASEAL HR. it is a spray applied primer that improves the bond of the rubberized asphalt membrane to the concrete substrate. as a solvent based primer, it provides faster drying time and ease of application and can be installed in low temperature conditions.
tb-boot-tie-back-cover-waterproofing-accessory-cetcoTB-BOOT TIE-BACK COVERS
A single piece, pre-formed thermoplastic cover that provides a simple and quick waterproofing installation detail. The thick thermoplastic construction provides the strength and durability to withstand the concrete placement. Available in four sizes: TB-3 is 3.5" (90mm); TB-6SN is 6” (150 mm) deep; TB-8 is 8” (200 mm) deep; and TB-10 is 10” (250 mm) deep.
A 17-inch wide flexible PVC base-seal profile waterstop used in concrete construction to form a watertight seal across and/or along concrete pour joints. TW-17 can be used in tunnel construction as a grid water barrier.
A weldable thermoplastic rebar support, TW-ANCHOR is a weldable PVC Flange for supporting the dead load of the steel rebar cage concrete reinforcement.


Chemically-treated granular sodium bentonite used as a detailing accessory product for CETCO waterproofing systems. When wetted, WATERSTOPPAGE forms into a dense, low permeable material that combines with the sodium bentonite in the waterproofing products to form a seamless waterproofing membrane.

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XPS40 and XPS60

XPS40 and XPS60 are high density, closed cell, rigid extruded polystyrene foam insulation. The closed cell structure provides superior compressive strength and moisture resistance.
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