R&D Services

CETCO delivers a complete range of services built around engineering support, technical assistance and custom fit solutions. CETCO makes use of its own world-class research and development laboratory with locations around the world.

CETCO is committed to new product innovation in addition to continuous evaluation and improvement of existing products. CETCO can provide support services for many types of projects and product applications.


Solidification / Stabilization Treatability

  • Paint Filter Test (EPA method 9095)

Tests used in solidification/stabilization treatability studies to determine the optimum amount of Portland cement and additives to treat contaminated media.

Organoclay AnalysisTM 

These tests are used to analyze key Organoclay® properties and characterize its components.

  • Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
  • Oil Adsorption Capacity
  • Column Test

GCL Chemical Compatibility

These tests are used to evaluate BENTOMAT and RESISTEX GCL chemical compatibility with site-specific leachates.

  • pH and electrical conductivity
  • Major dissolved ions by inductively-coupled plasma (ICP)
  • Bentonite swell index and fluid loss (ASTM D6141)
  • GCL long-term hydraulic conductivity (ASTM D6766)

Additional site-specific testing may be available based on project conditions