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    Building Materials
    5 Green Roof Materials You Need to Design the Perfect Green Roof - Green Building & Design, December 2020
    Cast-In-Place Concrete vs. Shotcrete: The CIP Advantage - Waterproof! Magazine, Fall 2020
    Green Roof Benefits Far Exceed Sustainability - Green Building & Design, August 2020
    Issues with Blindside Waterproofing of Shotcrete Foundation Walls - The Construction Specifier, February 2020
    CETCO Launches ULTRASEAL AB for Advanced Waterproofing Protection - CETCO, June 2019
    Pike Place Market Expansion by Miller Hull - Architectural Record, March 2018
    Campus Hall, University of Southern Denmark, Odense - Design Build Network, November 2017
    Shield Systems Inc. Green Roof - Greenroofs.com, April 2017
    Quality Assurance of Waterproofing - Construction Specifier Magazine, April 2018
    Sealing Cold Joints with Waterstops - Waterproof! Magazine, April 2017
    Basement Backfill and Drainage - Waterproof! Magazine, April 2017
    Understanding Waterstops: To Ensure Success, One Must Specify for Performance, Install with Care - Construction Specifier Magazine, June 2015
    Installing Thermoplastic or Rubber Waterstops - The Construction Specifier Magazine, June 2015
    Active Hybrid Waterproofing Technologies - Waterproof Magazine, April 2015
    Deep Foundations - Waterproof Magazine, January 2015
    How to Project Manage a Build - Stuff, January 2015
    Blindside and Underslab Work - Waterproof Magazine, October 2013
    Waterproofing Techniques for Bored Tunnels - Waterproof Magazine, October 2012
    Plaza Deck Restoration: Principles of Drainage and Waterproofing - Construction Canada, January 2012
    Cut and Cover Tunnels - Waterproof Magazine, January 2012
    Drainage Do's and Don'ts - Waterproof Magazine, January 2011
    Water Barriers to Withstand Shotcrete - Waterproof Magazine, June 2010
    Green Roof as a Retrofit Option - Waterproof Magazine, April 2010
    Green Decks - Waterproof Magazine, October 2009
    Tunnel Vision: Waterproofing a Megaproject - Waterproofing Magazine, April 2009
    Traditional Roofing vs. New Alternatives - Waterproof Magazine, October 2008
    Why Dimple Membranes Make Sense - Waterproof Magazine, January 2008
    Below-Grade Residential Drainage Boards & Footing Drains - Waterproof Magazine, October 2007
    Blindside Waterproofing - Waterproof Magazine, October 2007
    Environmental Products
    Firefighting Training Creates Soil Contamination - Soil Sediment & Water Magazine, March/April 2021
    RESISTEX Geosynthetics make tailings dams safer and more environmentally friendly - Canadian Mining Journal, December 2020
    CETCO's New RESISTEX® Universal GCL Series Debuts at GeoAmericas 2020 - CETCO, November 2020
    ISWM Head Seeks $500,000 for Wastewater Treatment Program - The Bourne Enterprise, November 2020
    CETCO's Cleaner Egg Washing Process - Filtration + Separation, October 2020
    CETCO to Present GCL Research at Planning for Closure - Industry Today, September 2020
    Clean Up Act - Water & Wastes Digest, September 2020
    Product Spotlight: FLUORO-SORB® Adsorbent - Treatment Plant Operator, July 2020
    Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest Finish Repairs on Park Ditch - KTVH, June 2020
    CETCO to Launch Free Webinar on PFAS Treatment Solutions - CETCO, May 2020
    FLUORO-SORB® Adsorbent: for the Removal and Remediation of PFAS - WaterWorld, May 2020
    PFAS - A Global Contamination Issue - Environment Analyst, April 2020
    Environment: CETCO Launches Adsorbent for PFAS Remediation - Canadian Mining Journal, April 2020
    Trapping a Troublesome Pollutant - Treatment Plant Operator, May 2020
    Industrial Wastewater Technologies Joins the Environmental Products Division of CETCO - CETCO, February 2020
    CETCO Launches BENTOMAT DN-HS GCL to Achieve Superior Peak Shear Strength Properties - CETCO, February 2020
    Should I Worry About PFAS - Connect Commercial Real Estate, February 2020
    OCWD Launches Nation's Largest PFAS Pilot Program to ID Local Removal Remedy - Orange County Water District, December 2019
    How CETCO Helped to Cap a Coal Ash Landfill in Mallorca, Spain - Waste Advantage Magazine, December 2019
    Gas Vapor Mitigation System Supports $400 Million Redevelopment Project- Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine, October 2019
    FLUORO-SORB® adsorbent effectively treats the source of PFAS contamination - Industry Today, July 2019
    Bethlehem company develops technology to remove synthetic chemicals - WFMZ, May 2019
    Pa. company touts new, game-changing way to sequester dangerous PFAS - Philadelphia Business Journal, May 2019
    CETCO Launches USA-Made FLUORO-SORB® Adsorbent for the Remediation of PFAS - CETCO, May 2019
    CETCO to Launch Effective PFAS Remediation Product - CETCO, May 2019
    Testing a new method for mining-waste storage using polymer-enhanced geosynthetic clay liners - Geosynthetics, July 2018
    GeosyntheticsME Concludes 2015 Conference with Big Attendance, First Awards - Geosynthetics Magazine, November 2015
    Creating a Garden Pond: How to Choose the Right Lining - Telegraph, September 2015
    Design Considerations for GCLs in Leach Pad Liner Systems - Geosynthetics Magazine, October 2014
    Dynamic Shear Strength of Geosynthetic Clay Liners - Geosynthetics Magazine, October 2013
    Evaluations of Engineered Cover Systems for Mine Waste Rock and Tailings - Geosynthetics Magazine, June 2013
    Static Shear Strength of Geosynthetic Clay Liners - Geosynthetics Magazine, February 2013
    New Geosynthetics Advocacy Aimed at State and Local Levels - Geosynthetics Magazine, February 2013
    Shear Strength of Geosynthetic Clay Liners - Geosynthetics Magazine, October 2012
    Options for Retention Ponds - Waterproof Magazine, October 2011
    Geosynthetics at the Olympics - Geosynthetics Magazine, August 2008
    Use of Geosynthetics in Deicing Facilities at the Cleveland Airport - Geosynthetics Magazine, June 2007