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Equipped and Ready To Solve Your Fluid Challenges, Delivering Clear and Proven Results by Increasing Operator Efficiency, Reducing Downtime and Maximizing Output While Safely Protecting the Environment.

CETCO Energy Services (CETCO), is your trusted partner for treating problematic fluids and measuring well performance. As globally recognized specialists, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, services, and innovative solutions backed by patented technologies to solve complex fluid challenges around the world.

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Leveraging decades of experience, we efficiently manage projects for Oil & Gas customers that extend from exploration through production to final decommissioning.

Our customized engineered solutions and proven technologies reduce operating costs, increase production, and extend asset life for our customers while achieving industry-leading safety, quality, and environmental compliance.

CETCO is your CLEAR choice for treating, handling and managing COMPLEX fluids.

Service, support and reliability. We work together as a team versus client to customer.
- BP

Expertise in Solving Unique Oil & Gas Fluid Challenges

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