Wastewater Treatment Offerings

Leading the wastewater treatment market for more than 35 years with one-step flocculant technology and quality service

Clay-Based Flocculants

For decades, our clay-based, dry, chemical flocculants have cleaned wastewater in one simple step. Our cost-effective waste treatment process uses single reactant chemicals and is safe, simple and easy to use for the removal of emulsified oil, heavy metals and suspended solids from wastewater. Our trusted RM-10 products are a non-hazardous blend of naturally occurring bentonite, pH adjusting agents, polymers and other proprietary components. RM-10 offers you a safe, simple and cost-effective means of treatment and disposal for your various wastewater streams. Cetco Energy Services currently has over 40 products in granular, semi-granular and powdered varieties formulated to treat a vast array of industrial/municipal wastewater. The RM-10 formulas usually allow one-step removal of emulsified oil, heavy metals and suspended solids from various wastewater streams. Our system also ensures that the treated effluent will meet POTW (Publicly Owned Treatment Works) discharge limits established by federal, state and local authorities.


Clay-Based Flocculant Aids

AccoFloc® products are high-swelling sodium bentonite clays selected for their unique ion exchange capability found only in the Black Hills region of the western United States. This capability allows AccoFloc to increase clarity and remove trace metals from wastewater.

  • High-activity sodium bentonite clay is used to reduce turbidity and TOC and remove trace metals from water or wastewater
  • Designed to meet the increasingly stringent water quality and discharge regulations required by municipalities

AccoFloc is offered in two forms:

  • AccoFloc 350 is a high-activity powdered sodium bentonite chosen especially for its flocculation characteristics.
  • AccoFloc SDG is a high-activity granular sodium bentonite. It is manufactured as an agglomerated (uniform granular particles) product which allows it to immediately disperse when mixed with water. Since this product does not clump when added to water, it does not require specialized mixing equipment to create a slurry.

Stabilization & Solidification Agents

Cetco Energy Services revolutionizes the wastewater treatment market with its broad range of innovative stabilization and solidification products. These products ensure compliance with federal, state and local disposal standards while offering a more cost-effective and safer approach than lime, fly ash, diatomaceous earth or other traditional absorbents. There are many benefits to using our stabilization and solidification agents.

Our LiquiSorb products are high efficiency absorbing agents. These products contain organic and inorganic components in both granular and powder forms that rapidly absorb and retain large volumes of aqueous matter. It is ideally suited for the absorption and solidification of general industrial wastewaters.

Our Sorbond line of products are proprietary blends of clay and inorganic minerals that is highly effective in the stabilization and solidification of heavy metals and wastewater containing organic matter.

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