Pipeline Filtration Services

Pipeline Filtration, from commissioning to abandonment, is an inevitable event in a pipelines life cycle. CETCO Pipeline Filtration Service may engineer a full solution from the beginning to the end of your operation.

CETCO Energy Services provides a variety of solutions to the pipeline industry. Using specialized mobile equipment, and highly trained personnel, we provide unique and cost-effective solutions to our clients. CETCO provides services covering all stages of fluid handling; from and testing to fluid capture with pressurized retention. We also offer multiple stage separation of flowing fluids or products, which can be filtered for onsite discharge, flared, and/or captured for offsite fluid disposal.


Temporary Piping

Pipe may seem inconsequential, but it is always necessary. CETCO provides temporary piping to interface temporary equipment to permanent equipment for maintenance operations. CETCO can provide pipe ranging from 2″ to 10″ including hammer union and flanged iron accommodating a wide range of desired flow rates.


Separation of Product Stream

In cases where maintenance pigging on pipelines is being performed, high – pressure mobile separators are often needed to ensure debris does not pass into the pipeline system or station. CETCO has a large fleet including HP separators and FilterSeps ready for these projects.


Pipeline Blow-Down Services

Pipelines being evacuated for repairs or decommissioned may require the operator to blow-down the pipeline of all product. For such operations, CETCO uses its separator and flaring system to safely remove hydrocarbons from the pipeline. We have a range of mobile flares available to meet your repair and decommissioning ­operation needs.


Mobile Filtration for Dry Pigging

During dry pigging operations, mobile filtration is used to remove dust and other solid debris from pipelines to ensure the debris does not continue into other parts of the pipeline system.



  • Stand-Alone Separation and Filtration for Gas and Liquid Water Treatment Services for Discharge
  • Terminals and Tank Farm Cleanup
  • Pipeline Commissioning, Decommissioning and Abandonment
  • Fluid Handling – Flushing/Circulation/Capture/Filtration Pipeline Equipment Rentals