ORCA™ Consulting Services


Objective Root Cause Analysis

CETCO’s ORCA™ Services help Oil & Gas Operators optimize their production systems by identifying the root cause of process challenges and providing clear and concise insights into our Clients’ production problems. ORCA Services review the Client’s issues, perform studies, and make recommendations on the best technologies available.

The ORCA™ team leverages highly-specialized tools and over 50 years of produced water experience to provide clear solutions. Our approach involves performing in-field pilot tests, with the goal of having initial results ready to submit for review within 30 days. Upon completion of our analysis, our diverse team of specialists provides a clear view into the key factors affecting production.



  • On-site measurement of oil droplet and oily solids size distribution
  • On-site assessment of fluids, equipment, process, chemical treating operations
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • On-site equipment pilot testing
  • Water management planning
  • Concept development
  • Front-end engineering
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Environmental & regulatory advice and management

Features & Benefits

  • On-site treatability kits enable rapid evaluation at low cost
  • Early identification of emerging technology opportunities
  • Internal training & expertise development
  • Ability to provide holistic and whole-system solutions
  • Concise, focused studies deliver value-added results and yield rapid return on investment