Well Testing

Leading well testing and blowout flow control services to the oil and gas industry since 1968


CETCO Well Testing Service provides safe, customized and dependable well testing and blowout flow control for the oil and gas industry for both onshore and offshore applications. With well-designed equipment and innovative technology, we deliver complete well testing solutions and effective operations in all testing environments.

CETCO provides our customers a fleet of equipment for rapid mobilization to any job site and is capable of handling hazardous flow streams including H2S, CO2, solids, high wellhead pressures, and temperatures. Our processes reduce project costs, while minimizing waste and associated disposal liabilities, to produce a cleaner environment. By operating under strict QAQC procedures and documenting maintenance history on our equipment, we ensure high performance standards and customer satisfaction.



  • Onshore and Offshore well testing services
  • High Pressure/High Temperature (HPHT) well testing experts
  • On-site data reports
  • Temporary production facilities
  • Well intervention, well cleanup and flowbacks
  • FRAC flow backs and drill outs
  • Surface sampling
  • High Pressure Injection System, equipped with NAS fluid filtering capabilities, for chemical injection and pressure testing


  • Maintain produced fluids
  • HPHT capabilities
  • Blowouts and well control
  • Muddog DataLink™ for data acquisition and real-time data reporting


  • Fluid transfer to filtration system, barge or specialized vessel (Offshore)
  • F.A.ST. FieldNotes™ for reports, calculations, and rates
  • Trailer and skid-mounted equipment for onshore and offshore applications
  • Engineering and Design Services to ensure safe and compliant project execution

Features & Benefits

  • Highly qualified personnel with extensive safety and regulatory training
  • Vast inventory of vessels and support equipment
  • ASME coded vessels to NACE Specifications DNV and ABS Certification
  • Equipment & Processes are designed in accordance with API Guidelines
  • Offshore well testing integrated with water treatment services for complete isolation and compliant overboard discharge of completion fluids, stimulation fluids, and produced waters
  • Experienced deep water well testing in the Gulf of Mexico

Areas of Training

  • T-2 production and hydrogen sulfide safety
  • Firefighting
  • Basic core compliance training
  • Rigger certifications in accordance with API RP 2D fifth addition
  • Employees meet or exceed SEMS standard



    Quality Driven Well Testing– Onshore or Offshore

    The Industry Leader with Experience, Technical Competence, & Flexibility

    CETCO’s Well Testing Division has been offering its services to the oil and gas industry for more than 45 years and is the largest provider of this specialty in North America. Our expertise extends into major oil and gas producing regions – from Gulf of Mexico deep water fields, to infield drilling formations in the Permian Basin and international projects in multiple drilling arenas. We offer a complete range of testing, from downhole pre-completion drillstem tests (DST) to surface periodic production flow testing throughout the well’s lifecycle. Coupled with our industry recognized leadership in water treatment, chemical injection, coiled tubing services and hydraulic flowback assistance, we provide integrated capabilities that bolster our well testing value and can be tailored specifically for the customer’s project.

    Quality Driven

    From start to finish, the CETCO approach for onshore or offshore projects is centered around strict adherence to our established Quality Plan and a mindset of ‘Quality over Quantity’. We work closely with the operator to assess their requirements. As a project develops, each step is undertaken by CETCO with quality assurance and the customer’s objectives in mind. Our location managers and facilities supervisors build safe charts with extensive planning and equipment layout drawings specific to the customer’s project, maximizing personnel and asset safety. Fabrication of skid or trailer-mounted packages designed with compact footprints incorporate the latest technologies. Offshore, our packages are capable of working on any fixed or floating platform or specialized tending vessel. During the tests, CETCO field management and technical specialists utilize their knowledge on-site to ensure that our well-maintained equipment delivers consistent results for highly accurate production evaluation. Through our on-location quality managers, we scrutinize the job continually, interface with customer production engineers, and solicit feedback upon its completion to assure the customer’s total satisfaction.

    Experienced & Competent

    CETCO’s well testing team knows its business. Our senior level well testers and field management average more than 20 years industry experience and have a broad set of skills. A high percentage of our operations management is degreed in engineering disciplines or with appropriate technical specialization. Their skill sets are diverse to oversee the equipment operation on any type of offshore installation or onshore location.

    We respond quickly to customer needs. Our capable managers and field specialists can design custom field packages within a short time frame and rapidly mobilize the necessary personnel and equipment without delay, partnering with our customers to accelerate production with a reduced testing window.

    CETCO’s personnel at all levels receive standardized training to comply with industry, government and local regulations and standards. We adhere closely to OSHA and BSSE regulations, practice API 14C standards for offshore production safety and conduct updated T2 training for personnel and H2S safety. CETCO is among the first North American well test companies to implement DNV 2.7-1 specifications for the safe movement and handling of equipment offshore.

    Real-time Data Acquisition

    CETCO utilizes the most advanced industry-proven software for analyzing and reporting its test results. We compile, analyze and report well information in real-time. With programs tailored to CETCO’s requirements, data, reports and graphs can be customized to suit the customer’s need for specific information. Reports are generated clearly, succinctly and with timely detailed information. Using CETCO’s Muddog DataLink™, production engineers can wirelessly monitor operations changes as they happen from the well site or with mobility from any remote location.

    No Challenge Too Complex

    CETCO’s well testing team accepts any and all challenges. With technical soundness, safety focus, experienced people, responsiveness and flexibility, we embrace the industry’s leading edge technologies to offer accurate reservoir and production evaluations. CETCO gets the job done right the first time.