Water Treatment

CrudeSep®, CrudeSorb®, Hi-Flow®, Nemoh®

Full water treatment services essential to all phases of oilfield operations

The Water Treatment Division at CETCO specializes in water treatment processes and technologies to remove oil, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solids, toxic materials and other contaminants from your operations wastewater stream.

Drawing on years of experience in water treatment, CETCO has designed a rental fleet that meets a vast variety of flow rates, temperatures and pressures. Our turnkey approach to the treatment of oilfield wastewater streams places personnel and safety first. Dedicated to maximizing our customer’s investment returns, CETCO provides consistent results to produce environmentally compliant processes with increased oil recovery and ultimate production.



  • Produced water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment from acid completion and workover, drilling and exploration and pipeline decommissioning
  • Pipeline services including treating hydro effluent, smart pigging operational effluents, routine cleaning and commissioning and decommissioning
  • Heating and cooling medium treatment
  • Deck drainage
  • MEG system filtration
  • Zinc removal

Features & Benefits

  • Patented products and technologies, such as Hi-Flow®, CrudeSorb®, CrudeSep®, Nemoh®
  • CrudeSep® customized rental fleet services
  • Meets variety of flow rates, temperatures pressures
  • CrudeSep® water treatment services waste by onsite treatment, cutting logistics and processing
  • Meets applicable industry regulations and ensures overboard compliance
  • Maximizes production by isolating specific work activities
  • Offer specialized filters for specific applications
  • Avoids costly shutdowns
  • Customized rental fleet
  • Permanent systems available from CETCO’s capital equipment product line, CETCO PROCESS EQUIPMENT
    Water Offerings for the North Sea

    Water Treatment for North Sea Oil & Gas

    Providing experience & equipment solutions to the industry

    CETCO Energy Services has built a global reputation for providing leadership in-situ water treatment services to the oil and gas industry. Our capabilities are recognized and sought after in all of the world’s major energy centers including the North Sea production sectors.

    Environmental Cooperation

    The North Sea oil and gas activity is closely aligned with environmental regulatory and advisory bodies that cooperatively oversee the marine environment and those operating in it. Offshore activity in the UK sector, from exploration through decommissioning, is regulated by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The agency sets best practice standards for safety and the environment and conducts regular inspections to insure compliance.

    Criteria for discharge of oil-containing produced water was established by Oil Pollution Prevention and Control (OPPC) regulations in 2005. It mandates that oil content must be less than 30 milligrams per liter (mg/l) in the produced water. In 2013, the approximate 90 UK offshore installations averaged 14.35 mg/l.

    As a contracting partner with 14 other countries, the UK has implemented improvements exceeding the 15% reduction in the quantity of oil in produced water as recommended by the OSPAR (Oslo and Paris) Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic.

    CETCO is a visible partner and participant in environmental protection. Our mission is to assist offshore producers in controlling contaminants in produced water from their facilities. We work closely with our clients and regulators to assure water management and compliance with standards for all North Sea sectors. A goal, using our proven risk-based methods, is identify oil components and toxicology, and to treat them in produced water for cost effective re-injection or over-the-side discharge rather than costly transport to shore for further processing.

    A Full Services Offering

    CETCO has established a full-service base from which it provides the necessary equipment and technology to best assist our clients. From this base, our North Sea presence extends to project areas in Middle East waters as well as North Africa and the Mediterranean. Our physical offshore capability is enhanced by an extensive inventory of equipment. We offer fully equipped barge units operating from our Aberdeen, UK shore base that have the capacity to treat as much as 25,000 barrels/per day of produced water cleanup. These units are complemented with mobile spreads capable of easy adaptation for set-up on the platform or on supply vessels. Our Hi Flow technology has been shown to be highly effective in removing soluble organics from water. Additionally, we have bench type and pilot units that provide testing of proposed concepts on the offshore facilities or in our onshore laboratory prior to setting up full scale units.

    The North Sea operation offers CETCO’s ORCA™ independent holistic water treatment consulting services. This offering provides an expert assessment of processes, concept development, pilot testing of existing methods, problem solving and implementation of best practices.

    Our personnel are highly skilled in offshore water treatment, with a large cadre of operations personnel who have credentials to work offshore. CETCO’s offshore unit is among the most experienced in the region, with several of its members having more than 25 years in serving the oil and gas industry. They have knowledge of virtually every type of water handling problem and are skilled at troubleshooting assignments, offering expert advice to address customer problems. They are supported by an onshore team who provide testing and logistical assistance for short and long-term projects.

    For short-term projects, we can quickly mobilize equipment with an experienced team to provide hookup and commissioning of the test and treatment equipment in established or new fields, working with the customer to assure that the equipment is stabilized and performing as required. For longer assignments, we can provide training of operator personnel with our equipment and standby personnel for continued support and periodic health checks until rig down.

    The experienced operations personnel, proven equipment, rapid mobility and flexibility of CETCO’s North Sea operations continue to benefit operators with full scale on-site water treatment solutions that meet or exceed stringent regulatory standards. Our methods provide cost effective means of allowing disposal at the source without expensive transport to shore for onshore processing.