Well Intervention & Flowback Applications

Better long-Term Well Performance

At CETCO, we offer an array of unique, customized services to deliver better long-term well performance. Around the world, our experienced operations and design teams construct and install temporary services for a wide range of oil & gas applications, utilizing our diverse equipment fleet on projects that extend from engineering, procurement, and commissioning, through production to decommissioning. To monitor, measure and process your well fluids, we offer Well Testing Services performed by our experienced operations and design team who specialize in Well Flow Management. Through our proven expertise and capabilities that span the full life of the well – from exploration to abandonment - we reduce operating costs, increase production, and extend asset life for our customers while achieving industry-leading safety, quality, and environmental compliance.


  • Upstream
    • Engineering and Design
  • Midstream
    • Well Clean Up
    • Flow Backs
    • Solids Management
    • Fluid transfer to Barge, Boat or Tanker
    • Sealant (Leak Repair)
  • Downstream
    • Reporting

Features & Benefits

  • Our Surface Well Test Package provides safe and efficient system to separate hydrocarbon phases, to measure and collect accurate well data 
  • Wireless data monitoring of pressures, temperatures and flow rates recorded at multiple locations 
  • Reliable, well maintained equipment that meets industry standards
  • Trained and competent personnel to ensure all data collected is correct
  • Modular design packages for ease of transport
  • High Capacity Liquid and Gas Separators all with inline meters
  • Accurate Liquid and Gas measurement through advanced technology meters
  • In House Engineering for all drawings and process calculations
  • CETCO Sealant Solutions, unique leak repair for both large and small leaks

Through CETCO’s proven engineered solutions, we solve the challenge of fluids that must be managed separately from your primary production train. Keeping extreme emulsion from entering the primary system is critical to performance and the protection of your revenue stream, as not doing so would result in downtime and loss of production. Throughout client intervention campaigns, CETCO effectively manages this fluid until the treated wells reach an acceptable steady-state condition.

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