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Temporary Process Equipment Technologies

Cost Effective Temporary Process Equipment & Technologies

Maintaining Produced Water discharge quality is a major challenge for E&P operators, with the need to balance production rates, oil quality and revenue, against water discharge quality and environmental performance. At CETCO, we provide innovative water treatment technologies that treat large volumes of fluid within a small footprint using temporary installations.  Drawing on years of experience in water treatment, we have designed a rental fleet that meets a vast variety of flow rates, temperatures and pressures. Experience, planning, and optimized equipment designs enable us to handle the most demanding project scopes in fluid handling, for both green-field and brownfield projects.  From early production through new build to mid-life and late life extension, we offer an array of solutions for every stage of the asset lifecycle.


  • Produced Water Treatment
  • Wastewater treatment from acid completion and workover, drilling and exploration and pipeline decommissioning
  • Pipeline services including treating hydro effluent, smart pigging operational effluents, routine cleaning and commissioning and decommissioning
  • Heating and cooling medium treatment
  • Deck drainage
  • MEG system filtration
  • Zinc removal
  • Coalescers
  • Hydrocyclones & Compact Flotation
  • Absorption Vessels

Features & Benefits

  • Patented products and technologies, such as Hi-Flow® Media, CrudeSorb® Media, CrudeSep® DGF, CrudeSep® IGF
  • World’s largest Produced Water rental fleet of technologies 
  • CrudeSep® customized rental fleet services
  • CrudeSep® water treatment services reduces waste by onsite treatment, cutting logistics and third party processing
  • Meets applicable industry regulations and ensures overboard compliance
  • Maximizes production by isolating specific well work activities
  • Offer specialized filters for specific applications
  • Avoids costly shutdowns


Compact Flotation Unit

Induced Gas Flotation   - IGF
Dissolved Gas Flotation - DGF


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