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Full Life-Cycle Sand Production Solutions

Through our SMS Solids Management Systems & Technologies, we deliver sand removal strategies that enhance production and improve well productivity while reducing operating costs and protecting production facilities. As industry experts, we provide full life-cycle solutions to the most complex sand production scenarios by applying a variety of customized technologies for continuous and batch solids removal from the well stream and surface production equipment. From enhancing your mechanical integrity program with our sand monitoring and data acquisition solution, to maximizing production through fluid stream desanding and built-in sand removal technologies, to increasing up-time with our sand handling and disposal solutions, at every step we provide what you need to conquer sand production challenges.


  • In-Line Continuous High-Pressure Wellhead Desanding
  • Coil Tubing Operations Flowback and Workover Operations
  • Production Operations
  • Permanent Top-Sides and Production Facilities

Features & Benefits

  • Customized Well Life-Cycle solutions:
    • Detection: Online Monitoring and Data Acquisition
    • Removal: WHD, Process Stream, Sand Jetting
    • Disposal: Sand Wash Systems, Sand Bagging
  • Maximizing Acceptable Sand Production Rate
  • Increased Production Rate
  • CAPEX and Maintenance Reduction
  • Improved Mechanical Integrity

Our CETCO desanding and solids removal package provides efficient removal of entrained solids for separator clean-out, sand jetting service, entrained well head sands, and other solid build-up issues.  The desander's ceramic liners induce cyclonic action in the fluid, removing solids from the fluid stream. The on-skid accumulator captures the solids, which can be flushed while the system remains online.  Able to remove solids down to 20 microns with 98% efficiency at flow rates up to 7 bpm, the package is easily scaled to accommodate differing fluids scenarios. The system is rated to 1350 psi

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