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Around the world, produced water treatment systems are at the forefront of a growing demand for safe, clean and environmentally friendly solutions to treat complex fluids. CETCO is leading that effort with innovative designs that are delivered in modular form or made-to-order. Through our Permanent Process Equipment for Filtration, PWT Produced Water Treatment, SMS Solids Management and Separation, we take complex problems and turn them into solutions to meet the critical management of produced fluids in the Oil & Gas sectors. Using the safest technologies to ensure cost effective equipment, we design, engineer and manufacture various essential separation technologies for the removal of oil and solids from water produced globally by the Oil & Gas industry. We eliminate the frustrations associated with equipment’s non-performance, size and cost and are capable of handling every project necessary for separating or treating gas, oil and water from a production stream.


  • Separating or treating gas oil and water from production stream
  • Permanent produced water equipment for primary, secondary and tertiary treatments
  • Deep Bed Nutshell Filters
  • Hydrocyclones & Flotation technology
  • Design and fabrication of bespoke packages locally across all major Oil & Gas hubs
  • Full EPC services for PWT project scopes

Features & Benefits

  • Experienced Project & Engineering teams
  • Cost-effective
  • High performance and reliability
  • Custom-built equipment for each project
  • Maintenance-free designs
  • World’s largest rental fleet of technologies to de-risk capital expenditure at the front end

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