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Brownfield Optimization & Retrofit

Assuring Optimum Production Levels

Successful execution of Brownfield modification and optimization projects is inherently complex as integration with existing production facilities and systems can create challenges.  At CETCO, we have extensive experience with Brownfield modification throughout the complete lifecycle of a project. Across the globe, we have multi-discipline engineering teams to meet your project needs and develop clear technical definition at the appropriate level of detail. 

At the concept stage, we interact with the customer’s organization, looking at the requirements and generating an ORCA™ Objective Root Cause Analysis study that allows for the accurate setting of the design parameters, performing detail design, fabrication and implementation. This level of interaction has taught us the way to reduce costs for our customers and assure successful project delivery.


  • Engineering studies and surveys
  • Detailed design
  • Internal retrofits
  • New process vessels

Features & Benefits

  • Confirm existing facility specifications and “as built” information
  • Site survey through our ORCA™ Objective Root Cause Analysis confirming capacity of installed systems and future system requirements
  • Constructability study to look at all plant constraints

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