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Well Testing

Validate the Potential of Your Wells

With a proven track record and unparalleled expertise gained from years of global experience in an ever-changing industry, our Well Testing experts understands your needs. We also understand the need for the most up-to-date Well Test equipment and the most experienced personnel to operate it, along with detailed planning to complete your project and maximize your investment. From process engineering to providing the equipment and personnel, we offer complete solutions for both onshore and offshore operations. Whether providing personnel and equipment for deep water, high pressure / high temperature wells, high flow rates and solids, we customized each package to meet your exact needs. To keep you informed throughout your project, we offer real-time data acquisition service through our Mud Dog Data Link™ website and mobile app, which allows you to receive data directly from the field 24 hours a day


  • Well Intervention/Cleanup and Flowbacks
  • Temporary Production Equipment/Extended Well Test
  • Fluid Transfer to Specialized Vessel containing Filtration or Flow Back equipment
  • HP/HT Capabilities
  • Blowouts/Well Control
  • Surface Sampling during Well Test / Flow Back Operations
  • Flow Back Operations during Fracking and Drill Outs
  • On-site Data Reports
  • Project Engineering/Management

Areas of Training

  • T-2 production and hydrogen sulfide safety
  • Firefighting
  • Basic core compliance training
  • Rigger certifications in accordance with API RP 2D fifth addition
  • Employees meet or exceed SEMS standard

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid Mobilization
  • Equipment and Personnel for HP/HT projects
  • Deepwater Experience
  • Vast inventory of vessels & support equipment
  • Capable of testing wells up to 100 mmscf & 18,000 bbl/day
  • Maintain Produced Fluids
  • Equipment that meets industry standards worldwide
  • NACE & ASME coded vessels
  • Highly qualified personnel maintain and operate equipment
  • Offshore well testing integrated with water treatment services for compact overboard discharge of produced waters
  • Engineering, Design Services and Project Management, to ensure equipment and personnel are in compliance and your project is completed incident free
  • F.A.S.T. FieldNotes™ to monitor Well Performance
  • Mud Dog Data Link™ Website and Mobile App for Data Acquisition

Well Testing Mud Dog Data Link

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