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Well Fluid Management

Complete Fluid Management Expertise for the Life of the Well

Fluids management is required at all stages of life of a well, including Drilling, Completion, and Intervention. At CETCO, we have the technologies, customization capabilities and operational experience to solve any fluid management need for the life of the well.  Our highly experienced Project Engineering team can design a custom solution that meets your specific fluid management requirements, helping to reduce costs and exposure to the various risks associated with Oil & Gas wells. Together with our extensively trained field personnel, who focus on customer service, our engineering team provides a safe and efficient solution to all your well fluid management needs.


  • Chemical Injection
  • Umbilical Flushing, Filtering and Testing
  • Solids removal
  • Paraffin Removal
  • Stimulation Fluid Remediation
  • Completion Fluid Handling
  • Flow back Fluid Management
  • Hydrate Removal
  • Water Treatment/Filtration 
  • Flowline Commissioning / Decommissioning 
  • On-site NAS Sampling of all control lines

Features & Benefits

  • Improve, control and process fluids - from high-value oil and gas wells to control line umbilicals
  • Expertise and technology to help you handle these fluids safely and carry out your projects successfully
  • Trained and competent personnel to ensure all fluids are handled correctly with zero environmental impact
  • In-house engineering for all fluid solutions

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