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Water Treatment & Filtration

Water Treatment Services for Every Stage of Production

Due to increased water production from Oil & Gas fields worldwide along with more stringent environmental regulations, water treatment applications across the industry have become more complex and problematic to treat. As industry experts, we have developed innovative water treatment and filtration technologies to remove oil, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solids, toxic materials and other contaminants from Oil & Gas wastewater streams. We deliver comprehensive expertise and patented best-in-class technologies that treat large volumes of fluid within a small footprint using both temporary and permanent installations. From early production through new build, mid-life and late life extension, we offer an array of rental and new build produced water solutions to efficiently complete your project.


  • Produced Water Treatment & Polishing
  • Acid Stimulation/Completion Fluid Flowbacks
  • Decommissioning Fluid Treatment
  • Heating/Cooling Medium Treatment
  • Methanol & MEG Filtration, and Zinc Removal
  • FPSO Produced Water Treatment
  • FPSO Slop Water Treatment
  • Compact Flotation
  • Coalescers
  • Absorption Vessels
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Deck Drainage
  • Marine Industry Support
    • Fluid Transfer/Capture Operations from Platform to OSV
    • Water Treatment, Well Testing & Pipeline Operations aboard MODU/OSV
    • Hydrotest

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