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ORCA™ Objective Root Cause Analysis

Breakthrough Fluid Challenges & Optimize Producing Assets with ORCA™

Proven worldwide, our ORCA™ Objective Root Cause Analysis Services enable Oil & Gas Operators to optimize their producing assets and increase production. Using a systematic process broken down into clearly defined categories, the CETCO team executes the fundamental “Define” phase of CETCO’s unique 5D business model Define, De-Risk, Design, Develop and Deploy. Our highly trained in-field survey experts utilize class-leading analytical equipment and highly specialized tools to identify the root cause of process challenges and provide clear and concise insights into production problems. ORCA™ specialists review customer issues, perform studies and make recommendations on the best technologies available while always striving for a rapid turnaround of results.  With decades of produced water experience, all ORCA™ surveyors are trained to understand process equipment, oilfield fluids, solids, and production chemistry and chemicals.


  • Process survey & Assessment
  • Treatability Studies
  • Oil Droplet & particle size analysis
  • Production chemistry
  • Chemical Testing
  • Plant & Process Equipment Optimization
  • Global field team on/offshore

Features & Benefits

  • Value added results & SMART recommendations to yield ROI
  • Unbiased data for effective problem remediation
  • Extensive produced water field experience 
  • Capability to quickly test technologies to mitigate technology risk 
  • Taking co-ownership of the problem and its solutions until final resolution
  • Largest global rental fleet of produced water treatment equipment for short/long term remedial solution
  • Capability of providing full new produced water treatment packages to reduce engineering expenditure

Objective Root Cause Analysis

Optimize Producing Assets
& Increase Production

With Our 5D Approach
Define | De-Risk | Design | Develop | Deploy

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