Engineering and Project Management

Engineered to Excel

Available on CETCO projects, our Engineering Services and Project Management team brings together the knowledge and skills required for your project to excel in performance and reliability. From specialized equipment to process solutions and more, our experienced engineers provide customized engineering services and technical expertise aimed at increasing efficiency, improving safety or shortening timelines. To safely and effectively meet your objectives, our Project Management professionals will expertly design a unique and cohesive system that complies with government regulations.


  • Pre-FEED/FEED Studies to confirm the technical and economical feasibility of a project to prepare for FEED
  • Bespoke Custom Solutions to solve even the most difficult testing and process issues
  • Decommissioning to safely remove obsolete and redundant infrastructure  
  • Process Design to diagnose and deliver process design improvement or replacement

Features & Benefits:

  • Certified Project Managers (PMP)
  • Experienced Engineers (P.E.)
  • Design and optimize each project
  • Reduced project risks 
  • Improved execution efficiency



Engineering & Project Management

Available on all CETCO Projects

CETCO Engineer



Our multidisciplinary engineering team delivers expertise for a broad range of service lines. To meet your objectives efficiently and optimize your project, we provide P&IDs, process flow diagrams, SAFE charts, procedures, SEMS compliance, and performance calculations.

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Our PMP - Certified Project Managers design the most efficient systems for each application in compliance with today’s governmental regulations and technical requirements. We deliver exemplary project planning to ensure quality and completion of your project on-time and on-budget.



We support clients in performing the critical Pre-FEED / FEED of a project to reduce risks and improve execution efficiency. Through engineering conceptual work and studies, we confirm the feasibility of a project, so it can proceed to the FEED stage followed by performing engineering work in order to progress to Project RFQ.


Bespoke Custom

Around the world, our engineering and designed team has developed a wide range of water filtration and well testing solutions to meet a range of offshore production challenges. We solve even the most difficult testing and process issues to help increase production and lessen downtime.



Our skilled decommissioning experts apply rigorous safety procedures that enable responsible solutions when a site’s useful life comes to an end.  We review the many challenges of the decommissioning, and ensure the many tasks involved in removing obsolete and redundant infrastructure are performed safely and within environmental guidelines.



We deliver exceptional process design to solve your water treatment or well testing problems. Through our ORCA™ Objective Root Cause Analysis process solution team, we can optimize production systems by identifying the root cause of process challenges and providing clear and concise insights into production problems.