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Produced Water Desanding - Success Brief

Success Brief PW Desanding Jun 2022

CETCO ENERGY SERVICES Asia team successfully delivers project management, sizing, and detailed engineering design, equipment, material selection, fabrication, assembly, and testing for a Produced Water (PW) Desanding project, executing all equipment and materials necessary to make the kit complete, safe and ready for operation in accordance within stern scope of project requirements.

The project has two main kits, with a total design capacity for each at 33,000 BPD and the total weight for both estimated at 60T.

CETCO Asia team successfully achieves on-time delivery transport and reinstatement at the site -request for vertical position design and deliver in a horizontal position.

Learn how we helped our customer overcome supply issues and logistical challenges in a global pandemic crisis. Contact a CETCO Expert today for the success of your next PW Desanding Project!

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