Our History The storyline of our success

From a small service provider to a leading global partner trusted to provide expert services and innovative solutions to complex fluid issues for the Oil & Gas Industry, this is our story.


In 1995, CETCO Energy Services (CETCO), was established as a Water Treatment company providing Filtration Services with proprietary, patented CrudeSorb® media technology used to remove oil before discharging water into the Gulf of Mexico.


In 1997, AMCOL, (formerly American Colloid Corporation), the world’s largest bentonite miner, acquired and placed the business under the Colloid Environmental Technologies Company (CETCO) Business Unit (BU). The BU provided a range of water treatment products and technologies under the name of CETCO Offshore.

In 2000, CETCO became a true global company, expanding into the UK, Norway, West Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. 
In 2003, CETCO Offshore became a separately incorporated entity of AMCOL International and took on the name CETCO Oilfield Services Company.
In 2004, AMCOL acquired Lafayette Well Testing, Inc., a Well Test and Flow Control Service Company originally established in 1968, adding Well Testing Services to the CETCO portfolio.

In 2006, CETCO picked up a small specialty rental tool company, Unique Rentals. Shortly thereafter, another acquisition was made with nitrogen-pumping service, Nitrogen Specialty Company for both on and offshore applications.

In 2007, due to significant extensive business development and growth in the Eastern Hemisphere, specifically in South East Asia, CETCO opened a new office and service center in Kuala Lumpur.
In 2008, CETCO acquired the coiled tubing services company, Premium Reeled Tubing. The acquisition complemented the company’s new business lines in well testing, rental tools and nitrogen.  
In 2013, after several acquisitions and a decade of substantial global growth, the company was rebranded and renamed, CETCO Energy Services, LLC.
In 2014, AMCOL International and its subsidiaries were acquired by Minerals Technologies Inc. (MTI), a resource- and technology-based company that develops, produces and markets a broad range of specialty mineral, mineral-based and synthetic mineral products and related systems and services.
In 2015, CETCO’s business development endeavors led to a Joint Venture with Rawabi Holding in the Middle East via our Well Testing business line.
In 2016, CETCO strategically restructured its business model to a renewed focus on deepwater offshore applications, creating a comprehensive portfolio of diverse rental equipment, temporary services, and innovative customized solutions for Water Treatment and Well Testing.
Today, CETCO Energy Services (CETCO), A Minerals Technologies Company (MTI), is proud to partner with you to solve your complex fluid challenges. Together we are keeping the earth clean, one drop of water at a time.

Did you know?

Explore CETCO's many achievements around the world

  • CETCO has the largest market share of Well Testing services in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico (GOM). To date, we have successfully conducted more high pressure / high temperature Well Testing in the GOM than any other service provider.
  • CETCO has significant international Well Testing hubs supporting onshore and offshore scopes covering Africa, Asia, Middle East and United States in GOM.
  • CETCO has a successful JV Partnership in Saudi Arabia with Rawabi Holdings called RawabiCETCO.
Well Testing Flare
1,000,000,000CETCO Treats Over 1 Billion Gallons Water Per Year
  • CETCO treats over 1 billion gallons (1 barrel = 42 gallons) of Oil & Gas wastewater with our proprietary patented technologies, year over year. We identify oil components and toxicology and treat them in produced water for cost effective re-injection or over-the-side discharge in an environmentally friendly manner.
3 Produced Water Framed
  • CETCO has the world’s largest PW Produced Water rental fleet. Our Process Equipment business line is the only PWT Produced Water Technology supplier whom can call upon the world’s largest rental fleet of technologies to de-risk capital expenditure at the front end of the decision process.
  • CETCO built the world’s largest ever Horizontal Gas Flotation Unit 350,000 bpd.

CETCO Treats Produced Water



  • 350,000 bpd Produced Water/Train (x2) | 250 ppm Oil-in-Water (OIW) Influent
  • <15 ppm OIW Effluent Target | 4.8m O.D x 23m O/L Vessel Dimensions
  • 560 Te Operating Weight | World’s Largest IGF Horizontal Units

Our Company Mascot

A Large Juvenile Aquatic Larva aka, a Tiger Salamander

Larva Tiger Salamander before metamorphosis

“What is your mascot?” asks everyone

Our Company Mascot was inspired by the Larva of the Tiger Salamander before metamorphosis — the large Larvae (Mud Dogs) are also referred to as water dogs or mud puppies. The Tiger Salamander is one of the largest terrestrial salamanders in North America.

A dominant force both offshore and onshore, the Mud Dog adapts and thrives in both environments.  Similarly, CETCO Energy Services is a dominant force in the Oil & Gas Industry thriving both onshore and offshore by aggressively pursuing innovative and unique solutions for our customers to solve, treat, handle and manage their problematic fluid challenges in all market conditions.

Fun Facts

Binomial Name:
Ambystoma tigrinum
Name prior to Metamorphose:
Large Juvenile Aquatic Larva
Name after Metamorphose:
Terrestrial Adult Tiger Salamander
Average 6 – 8 inches (15 – 20 centimeters), can grow to 14 inches (36 centimeters)
0.28 pounds (4.4 ounces)
11 – 15 years

Mud Dog

How Our Company Mascot Came Into Existence

CETCO Mud Dog MascotIn the early years, we wanted to do something unconventional to draw folks’ attention at trade shows. Being innovative, we displayed a tank of tiger salamanders allowing our sales team to answer questions about these mystical creatures and likewise explain our unique services and solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry as COMPLEX FLUID EXPERTS. It was a simple connection considering we are both an aggressive force in water and on land.

Our Mascot – Caricature

As our portfolio rapidly grew and we became more diverse, we fashioned a caricature of the tiger salamander as our brand ambassador. The caricature is of a large Juvenile Aquatic Larva, signifying the next phase of metamorphosis into a terrestrial adult when moving to land. Our mascot represents our versatility and dominance onshore and offshore. We christened it “Mud Dog®” and legally registered the motif. Our Mud Dog mascot differentiates us from our competition and is instantly recognized globally in CETCO’s branding. It is now our calling card – personifying our unique and versatile approach to CLEAR SOLUTIONS for COMPLEX FLUID challenges, for our customers, and the environment.

Our mascot is so admired, we have even seen multiple rig workers displaying tattoos of our Mud Dog. That’s real love!

Mud Dog and CETCO Anatomy

Mud Dog Life CycleMud Dog is not only our brand ambassador he represents the anatomy of our business and is a CLEAR match to our brand personality, which has driven our past and will continue to motivate our future.

Aggressive by Nature

Tiger salamanders are voracious predators in water and on land in their aquatic and terrestrial environment. CETCO aggressively attacks complex fluid challenges.


Tiger salamanders do not have fracture zones in their tails as other species do, but are able to regenerate entire limbs. Likewise, CETCO regenerates contaminated fluids.


Depending on environmental conditions, the Tiger Salamander will either stay in the aquatic larva state or morph into the terrestrial adult state. CETCO adapts to meet industry and environmental challenges.

Water Experts

The large Juvenile Larva is aquatic, equally the adult is a terrestrial force. Like CETCO, a leader in solving water and FLUID CHALLENGES in water and on land.


The tiger salamander is a dominant force in the Animal Kingdom and the environment by nature. Similar, CETCO is a dominant force in treating complex fluids in the Oil & Gas Industry and is environmentally compliant, providing unique solutions.