Kitty Tips

  • Spraying
    Many cats – males and females – spray urine by raising their tails and literally spraying urine toward objects to mark their territory. As a rule, stress causes spraying. For instance, an indoor cat may feel threatened and spray in the house if an outdoor cat appears at the window.
  • Preventing Repeat Offenses
    Cat urine is difficult to remove. And let’s be honest, it stinks. Thoroughly cleaning all soiled areas with specially designed products (ask a pet supplier) is essential. If the scent isn’t eliminated, a cat may become a repeat offender. A clean, strategically placed litter box should prevent this, but some cats require privacy, so a box in a high-traffic area can encourage trouble. To make sure you’ve thoroughly canceled out an accident, use a UV light, as cat urine glows in the dark.
  • Pregnancy Precautions
    If you are pregnant or have a suppressed immune system, you should know that a parasite sometimes found in cat feces can cause toxoplasmosis. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling used cat box filler.
  • Play Time
    Entertain your cat with interactive cat toys that you rotate every few weeks. Consider that an empty box or paper towel roll can be as fun as an expensive toy. Satisfy your cat's craving for vegetation (and save houseplants!) by placing a pot of cat grass found at most pet stores in a convenient location.