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Carefree Kitty Cat Litter


The Natural Choice.

all natural and dual strength


Clay is clay, right? Wrong. Regardless of what you may have heard, all clay litter is not created equal.

Because we developed the first clumping clay cat litter we are constantly compelled to offer the best, most pure product we can at the best price.

And we try and make our high standards evident in every granule we produce.

Cats naturally like clay. They actually seek it out in nature to do their business.

Today, we mine clay in its purest state and package it as close to natural as possible. So whether you’ve got one cat or five...prefer clumping or non-clumping...we’ve got the purest, highest-quality clay litters available for every cat.

Because that’s what a Carefree Kitty likes. Clay, pure and simple.