Our History



We were the first to develop clumping clay litter. And we’re doing everything we can to remain the best.

We discovered sodium bentonite for clumping clay cat litter in the 1940s, and still mine it today.

But we’re not just about "here today, gone tomorrow." In addition to being an American original, we’re constantly striving to leave the original lands where we’ve mined in better shape than when we arrived.

We have had sustainable land management practices for over forty years, and while your cat may not appreciate our commitment to green and clean, we know you do. This gives you the peace of mind that our litter is developed with good sustainable practices.

In a nutshell, we fill and re-apply all original soils to every mine once we’re finished with each strategic dig. We then seed with native perennials and grasses, closely monitoring the lands to guarantee erosion control and successful revegetation.

In some cases, we even create stock ponds to support surrounding vegetation and wildlife that may have been impossible before.

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