Being Carefree is the Way to Be

 Cats are fun. Fun to play with. Fun to cuddle. Fun to glam up in rhinestone collars.

We’re not glam. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be fun. Because even though most of the fun happens on the front end, “fun” on the back end is actually not worrying about the back end at all.

And yes, that’s where we play. But we’ve been playing there nicely for about 60 years. We just gave ourselves a little makeover to show off our fun-loving side. Learn more about our history

Our Pledge to You – Premium Choice Carefree Kitty Is...

  • Honest
    Cats are fun. Litter isn’t. But we’re committed to helping you with life’s not-so-fun realities so you can afford more fun stuff - like catnip and tiaras.
  • Simple
    We’re clay. Magical clumping clay, but still clay. It’s what we’re best at. But you gotta admit, that clumping thing we do in the litter box is pretty special.
  • Thrifty
    Nobody should mistake simple with cheap. And we simply believe in producing the purest product at the best price. Period.
  • Loyal
    We like cats even though they treat us like dirt. We’re so committed, we’ll never turn our back on them no matter how many times they turn their backs on us.