Minerals Technologies Inc. (MTI) offers RAFINOL SERIES specially formulated Acid Activated, Thermally Activated and Natural Bleaching Earth products for all kinds of oils and fats. 


MTI provides worldwide technical expertise with over 28 years of application experience.


MTI’s RAFINOL SERIES provides cost effective ability to treat several different oils with one product for Oil Refineries. For example, Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Corn Oil, Cotton Seed Oil,  Mineral Oil Recycling, Paraffin, and Wax Purification.


MTI’s RAFINOL SERIES Thermal Activated/ Natural Bleaching Earth products provide great solutions/benefits for even hard to bleach Crude Palm Oil.  Rafinol works with a minimal dose because of its high surface area and significant adsorption capacity which helps to lower 3 MCPD formation.


MTI’s RAFINOL SERIES Acid Activated Bleaching Earth products provide great solutions for hard to bleach oils and fats and as well as for very high chlorophyll content oils.


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