BioAg Product Solutions

BioAg sponsors field trials and crop studies in many countries. Through these initiatives, we learn how to grow more nutritious crops on a consistent basis to increase food supply. In 2012, our field trial data showed using ENERSOL increased yield up to 56% with an average of 10% yield increase across 19 different field trials. In 2013, we are funding research to conduct 70 trials across the globe.

Our extensive research has lead to developments in our agricultural products that provides nutrition to plants making them stronger and healthier to potentially increase yield. Equally our dry products, rich in humic acid, rejuvenate soils and improve long-term soil health.


Iowa Corn

The ENERSOL treated plant (on the right) has a more fibrous root system allowing more uptake of nutrients resulting sturdier stalks and fuller ears for yield increase.

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