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Metal Fluxing Agents

We offer a complete line of high-performance melt preparations for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These specialty metal treatment solutions are designed to reduce oxides, minimize slag buildup, and eliminate casting defects.



  • Reeli-Klean® is a line of multi-purpose melting preparations for aluminum, copper and zinc alloys and has exceptional properties for cleansing and removing impurities from molten non-ferrous alloys. Reeli-Klean melt preparations minimize smoke opacity, annoying odor and stack emissions, and have universal application in nearly all types of furnaces. These easy-to-use products reduce metal dross and soften slag buildup, resulting in reduced cleaning costs and extended furnace life.
  • Maxiflux® AL-874 is a high performance melt treatment. Maxiflux purifying, cleaning and degassing tablets are intended for use with non-modified or sodium (Na) modified aluminum-silicon alloys, and is suitable for reduction of oxides and gas in transfer ladles. This product can also be applied in furnaces commonly used for melting aluminum.
  • Maxiflux® CU-704 is primarily for red brass, semi-red brass, yellow brass, copper-silicon, leaded tin bronze, copper-nickel, and nickel silver. Use of this product will enable the melter to supply cleaner metal to the casting line, improve overall yield by reducing metallic content of the dross, and aid in controlling and removing slag buildup.
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  • GFN-1 Flux minimizes inclusion defects caused by dross and slag entrainment, fluidizes oxide and sulfide reaction products, increases metal fluidity, and reduces slag build-up in ladles and ductile iron treatment chambers.
  • SCF-1 Cupola Flux is a specially formulated cleansing agent recommended for use in cupola melting operations. It is designed to be added during cupola start-up and cupola melt-out where increased fluidity is needed in the slag to remove the ash generated from the coke. During normal daily operation where cleansing of the coke bed is desired, SCF-1 can be used in addition to the regular limestone charge to assist in slag fluidity.