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HS Mines


Hevi-Sand® Foundry Grade Chromite Sand has more to offer than ordinary chromite sands. Hevi-Sand® sets the world standard on quality control by providing full traceability through our quality control system on every bag. Combined with worldwide logistics and a global technical support team, these components work together to provide the highest-quality finished castings, saving your business both time and money.




MC Processing


MTI Metalcasting has partnered with Glencore to provide optimal quality and security for our customers. The partnership combines one of the world's largest miners and their top quality underground material with one of the world's premium foundry suppliers.  The material is mined from the LGG seam, which results in the optimal balance of chemical properties and foundry performance.  It is processed using thorough cleaning and acid washing operations before being screened and bagged.  The quality control is independently monitored to form a critical component of the unsurpassed traceability.






Hevi-Sand® is available in several packaging options. Special packaging requirements are considered upon request

  • 1T bulk bags
  • 2T bulk bags
  • Bulk shipments





We have offices around the world through our subsidiary companies in Europe, the United States, South Africa, Mauritius, Asia, and Australia, all of which possess extensive experience in servicing the local markets. These offices can assist with order processing, shipping and local logistics, technical support, and general information.






As part of our service to our valued customers, we provide on-site technical support in all areas of the foundry. We back up our customer-focused technical support with global sand testing facilities to provide customers with complimentary laboratory services to ensure the best solution for their operation. The best way to understand the foundry and the processes is to see it first hand. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to provide solutions and expertise for solving casting challenges faced by foundries today.

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