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About MTI Academy

MTI University is now MTI Academy.

Despite having its beginnings in the ancient past, the green sand process is widely used and continues to be considered a modern and efficient molding technology throughout the world. Education and training play an increasingly essential role in today’s foundries as the focus on quality and control of green sand systems grows with the application of modern high pressure molding equipment. 

Time allocated for training is always limited, making it essential to apply education tools that capitalize on modern technology and are relevant to all foundrymen, especially those who are new to the industry. As part of our dedication to sharing our knowledge and providing an educational platform, we have developed a training program consisting of short and concise, self-trainings and evaluations.

MTI Academy is designed to provide simple and clear support to our foundry customers through short, visual, self-guided educational modules. The  program contains a significant volume of information on the green sand process and applies didactic and illustrated presentation methods that provides foundry men and women with an easily accessible means of learning or modifying their existing knowledge.


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