Dry Cleaning Industry Applications

Dry Cleaning Industry. . . as a solvent purifier

Solvent purification revolutionary enough to satisfy even the most demanding dry cleaner.

Introducing the next generation of solvent purification that can be used with hydrocarbon dry cleaning machines using cartridge or spin disc filtration. Krystal-Klean Powder removes moisture, odors, dyes and NVRs through a revolutionary, non-hazardous filtration media for the dry cleaning industry. Some of the most important and innovative thinking about solvent purification, Krystal-Klean™ Powder optimizes your solution performance by inhibiting carbon attachment and eliminating costly and complex distillation processes. A cost-effective solution that will allow you to spend time building your business, not worrying about hazardous waste disposal.


Krystal Klean® Powder. Far better method, far less worries




Krystal Klean 

Solvent purification used with cartridge or spin disc filters in the dry cleaning industry.