Asphalt Emulsion Applications

ASPHALT. . . as an emulsifier

Emulsified asphalt containing Volclay AEG, Asphalt Emulsion Grade, is used for many purposes. These include not only roadway construction, but even more importantly, adhesives to apply tiles to floors and sound proofing insulation to the inside of automobile bodies. Such emulsions are made by gelling sodium bentonite with water, then adding chemicals to thicken and prevent its re-swelling once it has dried. This thick mass is then pumped into asphalt, and the entire product is emulsified by high speed agitation.




AEG 325 Grade Tech Sheet

Special Purpose 325 Mesh Powder. An excellent emulsifier for colloidal anionic and non-ionic aqueous systems.

AEG Granular Tech Sheet

Special Purpose Granular. An emulsifier for clay-based asphalt emulsions.

AEG Powder Tech Sheet

Special purpose 200 Mesh Powder. Emulsifier for clay-based asphalt emulsions.

Volclay Accu-Gel Tech Sheet

General purpose suspending, emulsifying, and plasticizing agent used in industrial products such as asphalt emulsions and rock wool insulation.