Advanced Performance Additives
Specialty Materials

MTI places an emphasis on quality, excellence and accuracy in processing technology. This and our unmatched mineral reserves have enabled us to become the world's largest producer of smectite clays, specifically, sodium and calcium montmorillonites (bentonites), hectorites and magnesium aluminum silicates.

MTI’s Advanced Performance Additives (APA) Group mines and processes smectite clay, both hydro classified and dry processed, for use in Ceramics, Paints & Coatings, Wine and Juice clarification, Printing inks, Rubber, Asphalt, and specialty household and consumer applications.

The most common members of the smectite mineral group are hectorite and montmorillonite. The clay’s products are useful in gelling, binding, thickening, stabilizing, plasticizing, coagulating, emulsifying, absorbing and controlling rheology.

Our bentonites and hectorites are used widely in a variety of specialty industrial and consumer formulations. The clays increase viscosity, stabilize emulsions, modify the consistency and feel of products and improve spreadability. These clay products are also excellent suspending and dispersing agents. The clays change the rheological properties of the formulations, provide a smoother texture and offer good application properties due to their thixotropic characteristics.






Our product lines offer formulations to fit your needs.

  • Hectabrite® (Hectorite): White, magnesium-rich clay highly purified to exhibit rheology four to five times more efficient than purified bentonite.
  • Hectalite® (Hectorite): Magnesium-rich clay that exhibits high efficiency and excellent rheology and stability where high brightness is not required.
  • Magnabrite® (Magnesium Aluminum Silicate): Highly purified, used for ease of dispersion, high viscosity, and excellent stability and rheology.
  • Polargel®: Naturally occurring white sodium bentonite with fine texture and brilliant white color.
  • Volclay® (sodium and calcium bentonites): Gray and cream-colored clay (montmorillonites) for use as suspension agents, viscosifiers, gellants and binders.