Thermal Management Material Solution for State-of the art Electronics.

We would like to share this video about our Thermal Management Material Solution for State-of the art Electronics.  Feel free to share with anyone that may have interest in your company.    We also offer free software modeling tools that compares our material against other materials for design optimization analysis.

Thermal Management Solution for State-of-the-Art Electronics

With heat issues limiting power device performance and growth, we have developed a derivative of our material branded as Pyroid® HT Pyrolytic Graphite material that offers heat spreaders and sink thermal conductivity up to 4 times (1700 W/m°K) that of copper at only a quarter of the weight. This “ diamond like” conduction without the “diamond” price tag makes our material ideal for pulling heat out normal to a heat producing device as well as spreading it away.  This dual action eliminates the need for special "hot spot" thermal vias.

With our ability to provide very thin metallized coatings, we offer the opportunity for direct device solder attachment which provides the maximum thermal transfer.

Heat is the enemy of electronic circuits and devices. It limits performance and leads to premature failure. We are introducing a new weapon in the ongoing battle against thermal problems. Discover how the heat spreading ability of a new material solution — Pyroid® HT®... cuts size, weight, and cost from electronics packaging.


  • Discover a thermal management material solution that provides thermal conduction without the "diamond" price
  • Understand why Pyroid® HT material solutions are ideal for high-volume production and provide economic value at the device assembly level
  • Learn how to optimize heat sinks and spreaders with the Pyroid® HT software modeling tool

The Pyrogenics Group is a global supplier, fully certified to AS-9100/ ISO 9001, providing high performing, thermal management material solution that is 4X the thermal conduction of copper at quarter of the weight. Our CVD products are used in critical applications for all industries including semiconductor & electronic components, automotive, computer, sensor, medical imaging, aerospace defense to name a few.



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