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Pyroid® HT Pyrolytic Graphite Heat Spreaders and Thermal Vias

Pyroid® HT pyrolytic graphite thermal spreaders and thermal vias are a powerful new material solution in the battle against thermal heat in state-of-the-art electronic circuits and devices.

HT pyrolytic graphite thermal spreaders and vias provides engineers high purity (>99.999%) and lightweight (2.25 g/cc) spreader options with exceptional thermal performance.

HT material matches the heat spreading capability of CVD diamond, with thermal conductivity up to 1700 W/mK, but at substantially better economics.

Available in sheet form up to 30 cm2 and any thickness ranging from 0.2 mm to 1.3 mm, this material is ideal for high-volume production and provides economic value at the device assembly level.







See Pyroid HT Heat Spreading Ability In Action - Compare it to Aluminum and Copper



Thermal Management Video by Dr. Robert Moskaitis