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The Pyrogenics Group is the world leader in the production of high-purity freestanding Pyroid® pyrolytic graphite (PG) films and stripper foils  Our PG film is supplied at any thickness between 3 µm to 25 µm and areal densities of 250 µgrams/cm2 and above.

Carbon stripper foils are used in radiation sources, nuclear particle physics research, and medical diagnostic imaging instrumentation.

Pyrolytic graphite films offer major customer benefits relative to alternative materials such as amorphous carbon foils or polycrystalline graphite foils.

Pyroid® foils are:


  • Stable at high temperature with a melting point of 3800 °K (higher than any other material)
  • Excellent thermal conduction
  • Easy to flex due to higher flexural modulus
  • Experience slow erosion rates
  • Exceptionally consistent quality and performance  
  • Higher strength than alternative materials

Resulting in:

  • Robust handling characteristics
  • Ability to handle vacuum system changes
  • Repeatable stripper foil performance
  • Reduced ion source rebuild frequency



Particle Collisions photo courtesy of Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

PG films lasts longer than alternative materials.

This is important to the radionuclide manufacturing process and especially when dealing with short half life isotopes of less than two hours, since users can not afford a delay in source production.

The exceptional purity of pyrolytic graphite foils translates to superior beam transmission. Since the beam is more consistently focused on the target, cyclotron users typical see a reduction in ion source rebuild frequency. 

Using pyrolytic graphite provides long term security of supply for the radionuclide and PET imaging market.

Please contact us concerning your specific film or foil requirement. We can help with your new product development or application for PG films.



PEP II photo courtesy Stanford Linear Accelerator Center