Medical Equipment

Thermal Management

Pyroid® HT pyrolytic graphite thermal spreaders and thermal vias are a powerful new material solution in the battle against thermal heat in state-of-the-art electronic circuits and devices.

HT material matches the heat spreading capability of CVD diamond, with thermal conductivity up to 1700 W/mK, but at substantially better economics.




Medical Imaging Radioisotope Manufacturing




Over the past decade, high energy radionuclide research and production using particle accelerators (cyclotrons) have become widespread. PET imaging is now performed in more than 2,000 sites, using mobile and fixed PET and PET/CT scanners.

The increasing incidence of cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases means that demand for faster and more accurate diagnosis, as well as drug development and pre-clinical study efforts, will continue to accelerate radionuclide production in the coming years.

Thin film carbon foils are used to strip electrons to produce this short lived, critical, radionuclide   that is injected into the patient that enables the PET imaging process. 

Efficient high energy research and radionuclide production starts with high performing carbon foils. 

The Pyrogenics Group is the world leader in the production of high-purity freestanding.

Pyroid® pyrolytic graphite (PG) films and stripper foils are available in thickness between 3 μm to 25 μm and areal densities of 250 μgrams/cm2 and above.

Pyroid® foils are:


  • Stable at high temperature with a melting point of 3800 °K (higher than any other material)
  • Excellent thermal conduction
  • Easy to flex due to higher flexural modulus
  • Experience slow erosion rates
  • Exceptionally consistent quality and performance
  • Higher strength than alternative materials

Resulting in:

  • Robust handling characteristics
  • Ability to handle vacuum system changes
  • Repeatable stripper foil performance
  • Reduced ion source rebuild frequency

Our foils simply last longer than alternative materials.

Using Pyroid® pyrolytic graphite provides security of supply for the radionuclide and PET imaging market.