Communication and Transmission

Pyroid® pyrolytic graphite is available as a free standing shape with diameters up to 22 in. (56 cm) or as small as 0.5 in. with wall thicknesses of 0.006 in. (0.015 cm).  These shapes have all the same properties of flat plate pyrolytic graphite including superior thermal transport and low erosion potential.

We produce shapes to customer specifications including cylindrical tubes, spherical domes, cylindrical rods, and elliptical crucibles and trays.  

The communication and transmission industry uses pyrolytic deposited shapes in the design of klystron devices which are used as an amplifier for high frequency applications including UHF television transmitters, high power microwave relays, uplink and downlink satellite communication and radar transmitters.  Many of these devices are enabling next generation smart phone and high definition satellite and wideband high-power communication.


Satellite Dish


Klystrode Inductive Output Tube (IOT)