Minteq International Inc. has successfully applied a proprietary refractory material to the working lining of recovery boilers. This product can be gunned or rammed for maintenance applications; its unique properties generate durability and facilitate installation.


Ash Hoppers

Minteq International Inc. offers a complete refractory system for ash hoppers, depending on the severity of the process. This system can involve:

Insulation board
Insulating castable/gunnable

Power Generation and Incineration

Recently Minteq International Inc. (MINTEQ) has taken steps to adapt its refractory-based product and application technologies to coal-fired power generation and waste-to-energy incineration, thus extending our proven value and efficiencies to a new customer base. The engineered durability and ease of installation of our OPTISHOT® refractory mix shotcretes have increased refractory life and reduced downtime. We have also had success in pre-cast shapes applications for waste burners.


MINTEQ achieves these capabilities through high-performance products, advanced application equipment, and research and development that creates long-term value.