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Mintech Japan K.K.: History
Year Month
1970 4 The Quigley refractories unit of Pfizer Inc., a major U.S. pharmaceuticals firm, launches sales of monolithic refractories in Japan.
1974 12 Production of monolithic refractories begins in Kobe under a manufacturing contract with Taito Co., Ltd. (now Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd.)
1982 4 Research on monolithic refractories begins in Toda, Saitama Prefecture.
1986 4 Magnetic iron oxide plant remodeled into monolithic refractories manufacturing plant; facilities consolidated in Gamagori, Aichi Prefecture together with Research & Development.
1992 11 Minerals Technologies Inc. (head office: New York City) established with the spin-off of Pfizer's metals and minerals units. The company becomes the Japanese subsidiary of Minerals Technologies (Mintech Japan K.K.).
2000 1 Specialty Minerals FMT Ltd. established to produce and sell light carbonate calcium (a monolithic refractory material used by paper manufacturers) through a three-way joint venture with Fimatec Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corp.
2002 4 Thermoradiometry K.K., the Japanese subsidiary of Swedish firm Spectra-Physics A.B., which manufactures laser measurement instruments for use in steelmaking, is acquired and renamed Visiontech K.K.
2003 9 Visiontech K.K. is merged into Mintech Japan K.K., a new Ferrotron (Laser) Division is established, and joint sales begin of laser measurement instruments in Japan with Minteq International GmbH Ferrotron Technologies Division in Germany, a subsidiary of the U.S. parent company.